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The cast of The Doctor Despite Himself

Ken Dembo and Aimé Kelly plot to find a doctor for their patrons daughter in The Doctor Despite Himself.

The entire cast in the final scene of "The Doctor Despite Himself."

The entire cast of The Doctor Despite Himself in one of the final scenes of the play. Ken Dembo and Aimé Kelly are joined by JJ Hawkins, Elizabeth Neal and Tamara Sorelli.

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January 14 - February 6, 2011

In 17th century France, the great comic playwright Moliere had received mediocre reviews and audience response for his latest play, The Misanthrope. He was disappointed. So he set out to write a farce that would be so funny, audiences and critics would just have to laugh. He decided to turn his sharp eye and biting wit on the medical profession. The result was The Doctor Despite Himself
In The Doctor Despite Himself, a woodcutter and his wife have been arguing all morning. She gets revenge on her husband by convincing others that he is a great doctor who can solve their troubles. There’s just one catch, she tells them: her brilliant physician husband is a little bit off in the head—he won’t admit he’s a doctor unless he is beaten. From this absurd beginning Moliere put together a now world famous farce full of mistaken identities, tricksters, fools, wild schemes, and of course, true love.
In January, the Twilight Repertory Theatre Company will put on Moliere’s The Doctor Despite Himself in the physical Commedia Dell'Arte style that Moliere intended. “Moliere’s plays were written to be funny, accessible, and topical,” says director Tiffany Longworth, “and we aim to keep it that way.” The play will be fast paced and clever, full of slapstick and silliness, rather than stuffy, academic, or versed (well, a drunken ode to a jug of wine is included, but that hardly counts). To bring a modern sensibility to this classic comedy, the set design and look of the play will borrow heavily from the visual look of classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons.
It’s going to be a typical cold, wet, and dreary Oregon winter, so head to the Shoebox Theater (2110 SE 10th Ave, Portland) for a comedy vacation—doctor’s orders


Directed by Tiffany Longworth
Stage Manager -- Arleen Daugherty
Set Design -- Aimé Kelly
Sound Design -- J.J. Hawkins
Poster Design -- Tiffany Longworth
Program Design -- John Duncan
The cast includes:
Aimé Kelly
J.J. Hawkins
Ken Dembo
Elizabeth Neal
Tamara Sorelli

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