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Logan Loughmiller, Tiffany Longworth and Max Blonde in a rehearsal scene from Lobby Hero

Logan Loughmiller as Bill, Max Blonde as Jeff and Tiffany Longworth as Dawn in a rehearsal scene from Lobby Hero.

Ken Dembo as William and Max Blonde as Jeff in a rehearsal scene.

Ken Dembo as William lectures Max Blonde as Jeff in a rehearsal scene.

By Kenneth Longergan

Lobby Hero will be produced in the ShoeBox Theatre (2110 SE 10th Ave.)
May 20-June 12 of 2011.

Jeff is a down on his luck security guard with big dreams and an even bigger mouth, neither of which he seems to have any control over. With the help of his boss, William, he is trying to turn things around after years of bad luck and disappointment. It looks as if he may succeed, until he gets caught up in a web of secrets and lies that tests the very boundaries of his perceptions of wrong and right. Should he stand by his boss and mentor, or should he side with Bill bully cop, or maybe with Dawn the enchanting rookie?
Lobby Hero is a play about shifting morals. Are right and wrong always black and white? Can you live with yourself if you don’t find the correct shade of grey? Kenneth Lonergan challenges us to look at ourselves and find how long we are willing to look the other way in order to do the right thing. And if we are looking the other way while looking for the correct shade, should we be allowed to drive in that condition?

Cast & Crew

Jeff -- Max Blonde
William -- Ken Dembo
Dawn -- Tiffany Longworth
Bill -- Logan Loughmiller

Director -- J.J. Hawkins
Stage Manager -- Elizabeth Neal
Lighting Design -- Max Blonde
Sound Design -- J.J. Hawkins
Costume Design -- Aimé Kelly
Set Design -- Max Blonde and Tiffany Longworth
Poster Design -- Tiffany Longworth
Publicity -- John Duncan
House Manager -- Chloe Collins
Program -- John Duncan and Tiffany Longworth



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