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As Blanche DuBois, David Gallic needs a dress adjustment.
As Blanche DuBois from A Streetcar Named Desire, David needed adjustment, lots of adjustment, here supplied by Brittney Hancock as Aimé Kelly looks on.

David Gallic and Joel Korcowskil swordfight in a scene from Off Book.

David Gallic as Hamlet matches blades with Joel Korcowski as Laertes in the spoof of Hamlet during Off Book.


Between January 10th and February 2nd of 2008, Twilight Repertory Theatre (known then as the “New Group Theatre” presented an original play called Off Book at the Shoebox Theatre. This was the company’s first play in the Shoebox, which they hope will always be their home away from home.

Written by company member David Gallic, Off Book was the hilarious story of Corgan Bryant, whose life was simply not going very well at all. On the same day he lost his job, Corgan was dumped by his girlfriend. In a fit of angry rebellion, Corgan stops the narrator of his life, who is on stage with him at the time, and demands that his life story be changed. He wants control over his own life. Over the next hour and a half he meets the director (think Pope) of the play about his life and finally the writer (think God) and achieves his freedom, only to discover that it really is a good idea to be careful what you wish for.

In the second act of Off Book, Corgan must find his way back to his own life. Like a teenager suddenly set free by his parents, Corgan finds himself sitting on the couch, eating junk food and watching daytime television with his now unemployed narrator. Off Book combined religious and psychological truths into a complex comedy that often seemed like a combination of Monty Python and Waiting for Godot.

The cast for Off Book included:
Joel Korcowski as the Narrator
Brittney Hancock as Lexi Ryder
David Gallic as Corgan Bryant
Aimé Kelly as Serena
John Duncan as the Director
And George Spelvin as the Writer

Off Book was directed by John Duncan
Stage Manager was JJ Hawkins
Lighting Design was by Wallace Leung


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