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The cast of Rocket Man in a rehearsal scene.

The cast of Rocket man in a rehearsal scene. Clockwise from left are Michael LaFlamme, Tamara Sorelli, Summer Arnett, Brittney Hancock, and in the center, Mark Twohy.

Donny and Buck share a moment in a rehearsal scene.

Michael LaFlamme and Mark Twohy do some male bonding in Rocket Man rehearsal.

Rocket Man

Rocket Man is a modern comedy by Steve Dietz. The play will be directed by Aime' Kelly. Performance dates are November 18th-December 11th. There will be no performance on Thanksgiving Day.
"Rocket Man is the story of a man determined to transcend the boundaries of his life, determined to be granted that elusive "second change." To do so, he must investigate what Camus called "This measureless universe where my adventure takes place." There is no telling what he will find there. For if our regrets are daunting, so too are the consequences of our actions. Knowingly or not, we affect the world with our every breath."
Steven Dietz

Cast & Crew

Donny -- Mark Twohy
Buck -- Michael LaFlamme
Trisha -- Brittney Hancock
Rita -- Summer Arnett
Louise -- Tamara Sorelli

Director -- Aime' Kelly
Stage Manager -- ???
Sound Design -- JJ Hawkins
Set Design -- Aime' Kelly and Tiffany Longworth
Lighting Design -- Tiffany Longworth
Poster Design -- Mari Paulus
House Manager -- Chloe Collins
Program Design -- John Duncan



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