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Mr and Mrs Hardastle in She Stoops To Conquer.

Beth Thompson as Mrs. Hardcastle and Max Blonde as Mr. Hardcastle in Goldsmith's She Stoops To Conquer.

Marlowe and Hastings and Hardastle confer in She Stoops To Conquer.

David Gallic as Marlow, Peter Ash as Hastings and Max Blonde as Mr. Hardcastle discuss the dinner menu in She Stoops.


The spring of 2008 was Twilight Repertory Theatre’s first production of a classic play. For this auspicious occasion, the company chose to do Oliver Goldsmith’s eighteenth century comedy, She Stoops To Conquer. The play was produced in relatively modern dress, using only cubes and benches for a set, and with five actors playing 17 parts (19 if you count the horses).

She Stoops is part character comedy, part farce. It is the story of Mr. Marlow, who has been sent to the country from London to meet for the first time the young lady whom his father has chosen to be his wife, if the two of them like each other. The young lady, Kate Hardcastle, meets Mr. Marlow, but he is so shy around “women of his class” that he won’t even look at her when they meet. Attracted by his intelligence and good lucks, but appalled by his lack of social grace, she pretends to be the bar maid of the inn that Marlow thinks he is staying in thanks to a prank played on him by Kate’s brother, the irrepressible Tony Lumpkin. Misunderstanding and hilarity ensue, including a chest of jewels which is stolen at some point by nearly everyone, a seduction interrupted by the girl’s father, and a hilarious carriage ride through the bogs and sloughs of rural England. The production owed much to English music hall comedy.

The cast for She Stoops To Conquer included:
Brittney Hancock as Miss Neville, Pimple, Bette Bouncer and servant
David Gallic as Tony Lumpkin, Mr. Marlow, Diggory, and servant
Max Blonde as Mr. Hardcastle, servant, tavern patron, and horse
Beth Thompson as Mrs. Hardcastle, Kate Hardcastle, Roger, servant and tavern patron
Peter Ash as Mr. Hastings, Sir Charles Marlow, Jeremy, servant, tavern patron, and horse

She Stoops was directed by JJ Hawkins
Art direction by Tiffany Longworth
Lighting Design by Wallace Leung

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